We introduced ourselves as a “Solar Systems Integrator “having industrial knowledge and best technology tie-ups to provide complete turnkey photovoltaic solutions as per customer requirements and has emerged as a trusted partner.

We have class installations all over maharashtra. We are MNRE and MEDA approved and registered company.

We are an engineering, procurement and construction solar power company, which has multidisciplnary engineering team in house, best technicians and experience expertise.

We do consulting right from investment analysis till installation and comissioning, our engineering, design and project team have good hands on expertise.
1. Solar Engineering and Design.
2. Structural Design, fabrication and manufacturing.
3. Electrical and automation design.
4. Civil
5. Liasoning.
6. System Evacuation and transmision

Solar Consulting Services

Advisory Services

1) Investment strategy
2) Go-to-market strategy
3) Commercial Feasibility

Project Services

1) Project feasibility study
2) Planning and liaisoning
3) EPC End To End
4) Project-execution Support

Financial Services

1) Debt financing facilitation
2) Mergers and acquisitions

EPC Workflow

Services Offered as an EPC Partner

EPC Functions

Solar Power Plant

Grid Tied Roof Top Solar Power Plant

A program of “Ministry of New Renewable Energy (MNRE)”, Government of India, in cooperation with state electricity board for import and export of electricity. We are capable of installing ‘On Grid roof top solar power plants’ with capacities up to 1 MW.

In grid connected rooftop or small SPV system, the DC power generated from SPV panel is converted to AC power using power conditioning unit and is fed to the grid either of 33 kV/11 kV three phase lines or of 440V/220V three/single phase line depending on the local technical and legal requirements.

These systems generate power during the day time which is utilized by powering captive loads and feed excess power to the grid. In case, when power generated is not sufficient, the captive loads are served by drawing power from the grid.

Off-Grid Roof Top Solar Power Plant

In Off-Grid Solar Power Plant we can design the plant in such a way so that, we can utilize the required power during daytime & extra we can store into the battery which we can then re-utilize during evening & night.

We can also use the stored power during state electricity board power cut. A Bi-directional off-grid Inverter is used which at first fully charges the battery bank and then the remaining generated power is used for running the appliances and consumption.

Off-Grid system is very useful in areas where there is frequent power failures and in remote locations where there is no access to grid connectivity. Commercially feasible plant capacity – 1 Kwp to 10 Kwp.

Can be easily deployed in shops, schools, Institutions, residences, offices which are prone to frequent power outages.

Hybrid Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Hybrid Rooftop Solar Power Plant is the combination of both Grid Tied & Off-Grid Rooftop Power Plant.

Hybrid Solar Power Plants are highly economic and efficient as compared to both Grid and Off-Grid Solar Systems. We can enjoy uninterrupted power supply even in case of state electricity shutdown and grid connectivity.

Car Ports

In recent times, the best way of space utilization for Solar Power Plant is the Car Port

We can install Solar Power Plant on covered Car Port or we can also design SPV Car Port and use as charging station for electric vehicles.

Solar Farms (Utility Grid)

PROVEN is planning to setup solar parks to benefit commercial and industrial consumers with space limitation within their premises for an onsite solar plant. Solar Parks is an utility scale grid tie projects with the capacity more than 1 MW.

There are the following business models in open access.

  • Captive Solar Park
  • Group Captive Solar Park
  • Open access under Power Purchase Agreements

Projects Undertaken

E Orbit Multiplex Amravati Project Site.

Shri. Sarjerao Yadav Multipurpose Hall: Maharashtras Top Elite celebration Hall at Islampur Sangli.

Srimant Shri. Ramraje Naik NimbalkarPhaltan Site: Shri. ShivajiRaje College of Horticulture Phaltan

3 different - 5 Kwp Grid Tied Roof Top plants with Elevated Structure

Vindyanchal School at Pune

Kedar Petrol Pump at Palus, Sangali

Hotel vandu International

Site Development at Dr. PDMMC Amravati.

Our Projects Undertaken

Operation and Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenence

1) Routine inspection and servicing of equipment
2) Panel cleaning – At twice a month or depending upon the dust
3) Vegetation Management – After rainfall and based on local conditions
4) DC & AC electrical sub system testing
5) Mechanical inspections
6) IV Curve Testing
7) Sensor Calibration
8) Security Systems
9) Documentation of events
10) Warranty Management
11) Diagnose faults through data mining

Condition Based Monitoring

1) Monitoring of equipment condition and plant operations on a real-time basis and addresses a potential problem at a very early stage to prevent downtime.
2) This requires a robust plant performance monitoring system and Active Monitoring (Inverter Level).

Breakdown Maintenence

1) Repair of broken down equipment and is usually reactive.