Solar Pumps

  • Spark Solar Water pumps comprise a comprehensive range of pumps that that operates from 500Wp to 6000Wp.
  • The motor efficiency is improved by 25% with permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless, non-sensor motor.
  • Each system consists of pump, controller, and water level sensors.
  • The modular concept keeps all electronics above ground providing ease of access and a low cost of ownership.
  • Solar water pumps are used throughout the world for a number of innovative applications. If you in a remote area and the cost of running traditional water piping is cost prohibitive, a solar to water pump may be the right solution for your water supply needs.
  • Solar water pumping systems are used to pump water for livestock, crop irrigation, and even for simple domestic water supply where a home or town is remote and off the water pipeline.
  • Submersible Solar Pumps lift up to 650 feet and fit in a 4" or larger well casing and are used when the water supply is more than 20 feet from the surface. They can operate directly off solar panels, batteries, or in some cases, an AC power source