Off-Grid Solar System

Off-Grid Roof Top Solar Power Plant

  • In Off-Grid Solar Power Plant we can design the plant in such a way so that, we can utilize the required power during daytime & extra we can store into the battery which we can then re-utilize during evening & night.
  • We can also use the stored power during state electricity board power cut. A Bi-directional off-grid Inverter is used which at first fully charges the battery bank and then the remaining generated power is used for running the appliances and consumption.
  • Off-Grid system is very useful in areas where there is frequent power failures and in remote locations where there is no access to grid connectivity.
  • Commercially feasible plant capacity – 1 Kwp to 10 Kwp.
  • Can be easily deployed in shops, schools, Institutions, residences, offices which are prone to frequent power outages.